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Do you want to create your own business?

Are you dreaming about creating your own business? Mo i Rana has several resources and opportunities for guidance for entrepreneurs.

Photo: Rana Development Agency

Establishing service

The Establishing service is the municipality’s service for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The service is operated by Rana Development, the municipality’s business agency. The service offers advice and guidance, host establishment courses and Arctic Innovation Week Helgeland. The service is free and open for all industries and sectors.

Photo: Kunnskapsparken Helgeland

Kunnskapsparken Helgeland

Kunnskapsparken, or The Knowledge Park, assist start-ups and entrepreneurs with development and commercialization of business ideas that have a clear innovation and market potential. Kunnskapsparken can assist you with guidance, network,  acquisition of capital and office space. You, and your business, will recieve follow-up from business developers and be guided through establishment challenges. Read more at Kunnskapsparkens website.

Photo: Væxt Co-working space


Væxt is a co-working space for both entrepreneurs and businesses. The goal of the office is to be an arena for creating networks, sharing culture and socialization in a inspirational environment. Væxt offer both drop-in and membership, with the possibility both to work in your own office or in a open landscape. Væxt is located downtown.

Are you in need of a co-working space?