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Tive have developed a barrier-breaking technology to track cargo and monitor its temperature on the way, regardless of carriers or transportation methods.
The company is looking for R & D Engineers, iOS Developers and Software Developers.

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Logo: Tive Inc.

Tieto Evry Card Services AS

TIETO EVRY CARD SERVICES is Norway’s largest supplier of electric cards and related products and services. The company delivers more than 14 million cards per year, which includes payment cards, membership cards, gift cards, travel cards and ID cards, and also provides blocking services and bank card monitoring. Tieto EVRY Card Services is located in Mo i Rana and has approx. 270 employees. The company is, thus, a leading player in digital services and software, with a local presence and global capabilities.

Tieto Every Card Services AS

Photo: TietoEvery Cardservice