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MBA is a versatile construction contractor in Mo i Rana. The company has solid expertise at all levels and long experience as both total- and main contractor.


Photo: MBA


IMTAS is a service and production provider that serves the local and regional industry. Their service and production specter includes mechanical services, CNC-machining, industrial piping, certified welding, steel-constructions, refractory, installation, and engineering. Their main office and workshop are located in Mo Industrial Park.
IMTAS is always looking for motivated employees.


Photo: IMTAS


Glør is a company with specialists on steel- and aluminium constructions for buildings and industry. They have a strong and inclusive culture for work safety.


Photo: GLØR

Helgland Betong

Helgeland Betong manufactures concrete elements and hole coverings for commercial buildings, industrial premises, and apartment buildings. The workforce consists of skilled professionals with broad experience in production, sales and project management.
From their factory in Mo i rana, they today stand out as a sunny supplier and partner to contractors, architects, and professional customers in the region.

Helgeland Betong

Photo: Helgeland Betong


Haaland is a main provider of technical services. They offer services in electric installations, plumbing, ventilation, real estate, IT and telephony.
They emphasize professional service and good communication with customers in the corporate and private market.
Haaland work actively with their recruitment strategy and have a large proportion of apprentices every year.

Photo: Haaland

Building the future

Impeccable technology needs a home. BTF is providing all infrastructure for Norway’s biggest battery factory: FREYR’s gigafactory in Mo i Rana.

BTF installs state of the art electricity, plumbing, heating, cooling, industrial piping and ventilation in major on-shore development projects. Our employees are experts in their craft and have extensive experience running and managing major infrastructure and industrial projects. BTF delivers and maintains buildings of high quality and longevity. BTF is co-owned by four companies with vast experience in technical subjects and operations all across Norway and Europe, MOMEK, Haaland, Aritech og Hareid Elektriske AS. Join us in making industrial history. We’re looking for key personell to undertake one of Norway’s biggest on-shore projects.