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The coolest winter activity in Scandinavia? - In Plura Valley they say: YES!

Diver in a cave

Picture by Pekka Tuuri

Just outside of Mo i Rana lies amazing nature areas. If you drive E12 towards Sweden or E6 north bound, you will come to a sign saying «Plurdalen» – or Plura Valley as it is often referred to in English. When driving up the Plura Valley you get the mountains on both sides, and the further up you get the more scarce are the houses. After about 35 minutes the asphalt road ends and turns into something that is more suitable for horse and carriage than a modern car.

From here it is 5 kilometers of wild woods, mountains with snow year-round and stunning scenery. You might see a cabin or two along the way, but no houses. After 2,5 kilometers the cell phone reception suddenly disappears, and the radio goes all silent. Suddenly the valley opens up and there lies a beautiful mountain farm with two houses, a restaurant, a dive center, a lounge with all serving rights and a steaming hot sauna by the river.

Plura Valley is the ultimate place to unwind and disconnect from the outer world, both above and below the surface.


Diver under icewater

Picture by Pekka Tuuri

At the first glance it is hard to believe that this is one of the most popular dive centers in Norway. We are in the middle of nowhere – and at least 1 hour from the sea – what can be so cool that it is worth it to travel all the way here?

The Plura Cave is Northern Europa’s largest water filled cave system, it is spectacular not only because of its size but also due to the amazing formations and stunning side tunnels. Winter time is peak season for cave diving due to the stellar visibility of around 100 meters. The Plura river is also a perfect place to do ice diving.

The Plura Farm and the diving business is owned and run by Ina and Jani Santala Jordbru. The farm has been in Ina’s family for 6 generations, but has never been ideal for farming, since it is located 404 meters above sea level. The frost comes as early as in August and the snow is still laying on the ground in June. Now they are working to make the farm a sustainable workplace for the generations to come, by offering unique experiences and adventures year-round.

Diver in a cave

Picture by Pekka Tuuri

Ice diving is one part of it. If you are already a diver this is a very fascinating way to explore the underwater world. It feels like entering another universe, and you are completely disconnected from all the fuzz in «real life». It is just epic when the sun comes through the ice, and the rays are playing in the water. Your bubbles form a layer on the ice and creates a mirror effect.

What is required to do ice diving:

Normal scuba certification, dry suit diver and 20 logged dives.

Don’t worry, Plura Valley has the instructors to teach you everything you need to know about diving. Regularly they keep Try Dives in the local swimming pool or in the sea. The try dives are followed by the Open Water course for those who are eager to continue. In Norway it is common to do the open water course with a dry suit due to the cold waters. This extends the season, and makes diving so much more enjoyable.

Next Ice diver course: 4th and 5th of February

Next Open Water course starting: 21st April.

If you are already a diver and wants to continue into technical diving, check out the course calendar here:

Dykker i grotte

Photo by Pekka Tuuri