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Happy new year!

Written by Geir Waage, mayor of Rana

Foto: Rana Kommune

After two years where the pandemic has added a damper on Christmas- and New Years celebrations, the opportunity for closeness and social interaction, can we finally return to normal.

More accurately, the new normal. Everything can’t automatically be as it was.

We as humans and a society are in constant change, due to, for example, the pandemic and not least what we now experience; war in Europe, electricity crises and a troubled world economy.

How this develops in 2023 is uncertain. I understand many feel uneasy of what is happening around us outside our control. It affects us both at work and in our private lives.

What we can do is stand together and up for each other. The war in Europe affects primarily Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, but also the whole of Europe.

We will in the year to come receive Ukrainians that have fled their homeland. I’m sure all of us in Rana will contribute so they will receive the best possible welcome to Norway and Rana. We must be the best version of ourselves in meeting Ukrainians and others coming to Rana municipality.

I want to thank all in Rana for the way you have handled these challenges, not least the effort and contributions in 2022 so that we can succeed with our goals. You have contributed, taken responsibility, and helped ensure the activity in the municipality, business sector and volunteering activities have continued.

As mayor I can promise the municipality will be there as much possible, both as an employer and supplier of services to the inhabitants of Rana.

I want to wish everyone a happy new year and a successful new year!

Photo by Benedicte Breirem