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Giving himself a bachelor’s degree as a 50th birthday present

Written by Inger E. Eftevand Orvin


– It is good to get out of the working environment to reflect on what you do on a daily basis. Here we get to discuss with the best.

That’s what Øyvind Brattland says, who is nearing the end of his bachelor’s in technology-based business development at Nord University, campus Mo i Rana. And he is not done after this. In the autumn, an MBA in Technology Management will be started for the serial founder of several companies in the energy and computer industry, and general manager at Haneseth Energi in Mo i Rana. With adult children, he prioritizes new knowledge.

– In the summer both me and my daughter will each celebrate our bachelor’s, smiles Øyvind Bratland.

Picture of Øyvind Brattland

Øyvind Brattland, Photo: Inger E. Eftevand Orvin

Useful tools

He finds it very meaningful to formalize the knowledge. Øyvind has a certificate as an electrician and entered the first year of study through vocational training. He has gradually built up, and now only the bachelor’s thesis remains.

– It is easy to get stuck in your usual routines. Now I get to hang my experiences on empirical pegs, and get to correct some mistakes. I also gain a deeper understanding of the use of a number of tools, it may be within accounting, strategies and business development, or organizational culture. Among other things, I have benefited a lot from tools for personality analysis, and a lot of light has dawned on me when it comes to the composition of teams. Getting to know oneself better is no disadvantage either, he says.


Cheers on a professional refill

From his experience in the workplace, Øyvind is well acquainted with concepts such as data capture and the use of Big Data.

– The study here is so broad that it hits whatever background you have to look the theory up against, he says.

He believes it is very useful for a company to encourage professional replenishment.

You use it in everyday work, consciously or unconsciously. As a manager, you take the subject matter with you straight into the day-to-day operations.


Invaluable sparring partners

Øyvind has also learned to appreciate the network he has gained through several years of study.

– It is always useful to listen to reflections from someone with a different background than your own. I have gained a network of sparring partners I can call and discuss with. We also have lecturers with solid practical experience who come from solid professional backgrounds. In this way, we gain insight into companies and challenges that provide new insights, and open up new perspectives, concludes Øyvind Brattland.