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– Be cultured and talk about postmodernism at Rust wine bar

Pressefoto av Jonas Bergland

We interviewed Jonas Kinge Bergland, or dr. Bergland as he is more known as. This upcoming saturday he is performing his stand up show “Dr. Bergland withous borders” at Scandic Meyergården.

Who are you?

I am Jonas Kinge Bergland, a comedian who coincidentally works as a doctor. I travel around Norway with my stand up show “Dr. Bergland – without borders”.

Why do stand up when you are a doctor?

The real question should be, why doesn’t all doctors do stand up? And the answer to that is that they probably don’t know how much fun it is.

Is it easier or more difficult to be a doctor when you are a comedian?

It makes it a bit harder. Because you need to sharpen up a bit, so you don’t say or do something toward a patient that becomes a story they want to tell.

Without borders? Will this show be even edgier than your previous shows?


With your last show “violates the duty of confidentiality”, you mentioned that the most important thing was that the audience was left with the importance of taking vaccines, do you feel that you contributed to prepare the nations for the upcoming pandemic?

hehe.. I doubt that it had any effect.

What is the best show you have done?

This show is the the best, in the way that Im talking about some difficult topic’s and made them funny, which I feel that I have accomplished pretty well.

You have been to Mo I Rana before, what is your best Mo I Rana tip?

My best Mo I Rana tip is to be cultured and talk about postmodernism at Rust wine bar early in the night, and then dance at the table at the bar Onkel Oscar later in the night.

Would you rather dive in the caves in Plura valley or drive 200 km/h at Arctic Circle Raceway?

Diving in caves is an obvious first choice!