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Volunteer day

Written by Tor Anders Rasmussen

Volunteering Day is to celebrate volunteering, but also for all volunteers to promote and recruite to their organizations. On 24 November from From 12:00 to 19:00, Meyergården Spektrum is therefore filled with voluntary teams and associations, to pay tribute and showcase volunteerism. 2022 is the Year of Volunteering, which has as its overall goal to recruit more people to volunteer, make more arenas available and create greater awareness of the added value the voluntary sector creates in Norwegian society.

In Mo i Rana, there are over 200 teams and associations large and small. In addition, there are many volunteers who stand up for others in more unorganized ways. Norway needs volunteers, and we also need voulnteers in Mo i Rana. We need volunteers to help and support those in crisis situations, to be a visiting friend for those of us who are lonely, to make a festival, to give rides to cross-border shopping.

There is so much that one can take for granted in everyday life, which can suddenly mean everything to someone who find themselves in a difficult and vulnerable situation. The Rana volunteer center has conducted several interviews with volunteers in Rana that have been published in Rana Blad. One of the questions asked is “what is the best thing about volunteering”. Here we see that there is a recurring answer, that it is rewarding and significant to be able to please and help others.

During Volunteering Day, the volunteer award 2022 is awarded. Last year, it was the efforts of the volunteers in Fageråsbakkene that won the award. This year there are eight nominees, who have been voted for by the board of Rana Frivilligsentral. At 17:30 the prize will be awarded by deputy mayor Anita Sollie.

There will be several musical features from local bands. After deputy mayor Anita Sollie opens the event, Dina-Emily Aasen-Grigoryan plays. Later, Mo BUL plays up to a folk dance and the volunteering day ends with a concert by the band EVI.

Join this festive day and pay tribute to volunteerism.

Without volunteering, Norway stops!