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The industrial city in a nature adventure

Written by Kristin Gullesen

Photo: Kristin Gullesen

Adventurous hiking opportunities in Mo i Rana!

What’s so exciting about our industrial city Mo i Rana is that we are in an adventurous natural area that is easily accessible to everyone. You can pick and choose between hiking opportunities. You have the opportunity for short and long walks right outside your door, all this at the same time as you live in an urban little town. In addition, you have unique and spectacular hiking experiences just a drive away, like some of the adventures you are going to read a little about in this post. We are simply the industrial city in a nature adventure.


“The best view”

The place that is perhaps best known, and perhaps provides the best view of the city is probably Tjuvtrappa. The trip to Tjuvtrappa starts at the clubhouse at Selfors and takes you further up to Varmosletta, which leads you to Tjuvtrappa itself. Here you go up a steep climb before you meet the forest field that eventually opens up and gives you a panoramic view of the entire city. This walk can be done in all seasons, as the road is frequently used by people. The trip takes about 1.5 hours at a leisurely walking pace, and rewards you with one of the city’s finest lookout points.


“Spectacular cabin in a spectacular scenery”

If you want to go exploring a unique and magical place with raw surroundings, Rabothytta is my first tip! Not only is Rabothytta a popular hiking destination, but the cabin was also named DNT’s finest unattended tourist cabin in 2020. It is majestically located at the foot of Okstindan in the municipality of Hemnes 1200 meters above sea level. This one is really worth the hike! Here, great architecture meets good harmony with the raw nature. From the cabin you get a beautiful view of Okstindbreen, and to Northern Norway’s highest mountain, Oksskolten. To get here you drive to Korgen and further up into Leirskarddalen. The trip is 5 km and is estimated to take 2-3 hours. The magic of this trip is that you get to experience a lot of different nature, especially in the summer. In the winter you also have the opportunity to take the skis, then you have to calculate to start further down from the starting point in the summer which makes the trip up take a little longer.


“Hiking trails in all directions”

Mofjellet is a popular and well-known hiking destination. Here you can start hike right from the city center up Finnsetveien, on to Appelsinhaugen and then Grotneshytta. Other places to start the hike are Hammeren or Åga just a few minutes from the city by car. Here you get a good view of the city and have many opportunities to go further into the mountain and explore new trails. A familiar destination of the trip is Vindskjermen. This is also a good starting point for more hikes if you want to go for a slightly longer walk. You can, among other things, go to the ski lodge, Anleggshammeren or Bertelberget. There are plenty of options to choose from! The tour is suitable for everyone of all ages.


“A journey back in time”

Do you want to travel back in time and get the feeling of living in an adventure fairytale? Then I recommend you to take the trip to Bredek mountain farm located in Saltfjellet- Svartisen National Park, at 320 meters above sea level. To get here, you first have to drive about three miles north of Mo i Rana, up the Dunderlandsdalen valley and park at Storvollen. The trail is well marked which makes it easy to find your way around. Bredek mountain farm was taken over by Helgeland Museum in 1972, but has been inhabited by people from the 1830s, until 1965. The trail up is varied and quite steep at the start. It is well marked all the way and you pass two suspension bridges on the way up. The trip takes about 1 hour each way, and can be demanding for some. This place will most definitely make you feel like you are walking back in time, just like a fairytale.

All photos: Kristin Gullesen
Instagram: @kristingullesen