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Our digital main room

Written by Iselin Breirem

Our everlasting promotion channel, about and by Mo i Rana.

If you were considering applying for a job in another country, and let’s take the completely hypothetical example that it was in a battery cell factory, and that this battery cell factory was in a city you had never heard of. How wonderful would it have been, that when you searched for this city, you came to a portal, which not only gave you a sexy wikipedia about the city, but also a housing portal, a website that showed articles about how exciting it is to work and live there, which showed a list of English job advertisements that your partner could also apply for? Yes, how wonderful would that have been?!

A website about and by Mo i Rana

In good cooperation with Rana municipality, we at Rana Utvikling have developed a website that can finally tell the whole world that Mo i Rana is the place to be! Among other things, we will tell this through exciting articles written by Ranværinger. Because at the same time as the page is about Mo i Rana, it should also be by Mo i Rana.

Because it is important to emphasize that this is our website. I say at the beginning that this is our everlasting promotion channel, because that is what we want it to be. It is not just the city of Mo i Rana’s everlasting promotion channel, it is also for the football team, the volunteer centre, the Industrial Park, the landlord and Rana’s cultural school. The website contains an activity portal and a volunteer portal, where you can get an overview of everything there is to do in your spare time. And if a team, an association or an event is missing from the event calendar, then just use the built-in form and submit! The website also contains a housing portal and a job portal, so whether you are a landlord, tenant or an employer, use the site to showcase why Mo i Rana is an exciting place to live and a good place to work!

To be present digitally

When one is considering moving somewhere or visiting a place, the journey starts online. Now that we will try to grow by 5,000 new inhabitants by 2030, it is more important than ever that we are present digitally! We must make it easy to find a place to live and a place to work. To all of you who have a rental property, use the site!

To all of you who are employers and HR staff, advertise the position in English on and use #workinMoirana, and have a link to our page in your ad. Then newcomers can relate to one website for both work, housing and leisure! We know that we will experience the greatest growth in the 25-35 age group. An age group that has grown up with the internet, and who judges a place, a business, a cafe, harshly and brutally based on what they find on the internet. Because one must be able to google Mo i Rana, and get something other than Wikipedia and outdated photos on TripAdvisor. We must show that we are in fact the most exciting city in Norway, that we are becoming the fastest growing city in Norway, that we are a world leader in green industry. We need to be able to tell this to the world BEFORE they arrive. We must tell that we are the city of opportunities. Welcome to!

Never miss an exciting event!

Have you ever thought “where they here to play on Saturday”? or “oh no, I wanted to see that show”?. I know the feeling. It’s so boring to miss an event you would have liked to have attended! And we will now put an end to that! contains, among other things, a much-needed event calendar, which means you won’t miss the next concert, theater or conference!

The target group for the website is both visitors, newcomers and residents of Mo i Rana. Because while there is a critical need for those who are looking for a job to find a job, or for those who want to move to find a place to live, it is just as important to get the good stories told, that we get to see all the exciting things that are happening. Because it has not always been so easy to keep track of, until now.  A few weeks ago,  I attended what I honestly believe was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. (and I have lived in Oslo for seven years, and been to both Øya and Roskilde x number of times). But at AS Norsk Gjærverk I was on Mekonium AKA first shit. And if you weren’t there, then you actually missed out. But it doesn’t surprise me that you missed it. I heard about the concert via via via. And when I enthusiastically talk about the amazing cover of Eras Ameno, which I witnessed, there are envious colleagues who say “oooh I didn’t know, I wish I was there”. This story just emphasizes again, we need an event calendar, and we need it now!

So dear Mo i Rana, use the site. Use it when you need to find something to do, when you need to convey about your organization or sports team, when you want to advertise a position or advertise a home. Use it when talking about Mo i Rana. This is our window to the world. And you are part of it!