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Dear All Newcomers

Written by Information Hub

Photo by Andrew Moca on Unsplash

Are you planning to move to Mo I Rana? Did you recently move to Mo I Rana? Are you new to Mo I Rana, and new in Norway? The Information Hub or Tilflyttertorget is the place for newcomers to Mo I Rana. This is the place for where you’ll find information about relocation and settlement journey to Mo I Rana. This also includes if you’re new in Norway because The Information Hub provides knowledge about the Norwegian system too.

However, what does it mean to be a newcomer to Mo I Rana? The term ‘newcomer’ can be related to being new to a place, which can be both Norwegians and Internationals. You can be a newcomer as a student, as a worker, or your whole family is new to Mo I Rana. To be new means that you’re adapting to a place through navigation your relocation and settlement journey. You are relocating to Mo I Rana and settling into Rana municipality!

Some people find this journey easy, while for others, it can be quite tricky. I, myself have moved around in Norway, and I have even moved to another country, for a short time, in my life. It’s exciting to move to a new place and get to know new people, but it can also be nerve wracking to settle into a new city, and a new municipality. Therefore, it’s important to have this support system around you, where you can ask questions, and get the right answers.

That is the main purpose for The Information Hub, where it is a place where you can ask big and small questions, while still getting the right answers. Another aspect is developing the correct and tailored information for newcomers in The Information Hub. This is a continuous process where we’re working on it together. Information and knowledge change all the time, so The Information Hub needs to be quickly adapted, and where you’ll need navigation too. Therefore, the symbol for The Information Hub looks like a question mark with the ‘road’ to finding the correct answers for your questions. The relocation and settlement are a journey, where you’ll embark on several challenges in this process. However, you are not alone in this process, because The Information Hub is a part of this support system for newcomers.


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In this next year, we’ll present to you some newcomers stories about their own relocation and settlement journey to Mo I Rana. Here, we’ll dig deeper into the experiences as newcomers, and their own meeting with The Information Hub. It will also tell the main story about how The Information Hub is developing in Mo I Rana.

Meanwhile, you can check out the portal for newcomers to Mo I Rana, in Rana municipality. Here you’ll find information about all you need to know about services in the municipality. You can access this portal through this link:

This is a portal we will start to develop in 2023, while producing different types of guides for newcomers to Mo I Rana. It is important to connect with the local community outside work and family, so feel free to join the International community through MINT. Here, you can also check out the social calendar for Mo I Rana on this website, and the calendar for Rana municipality. Don’t be afraid to involve yourself into something new because you’ll might reinvent yourself here, in Mo I Rana!