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Find your own spy story

Written by the National library

Photo: The National Library

How could a woman fool the Norwegian authorities for almost 30 years? Hear the exciting spy story, and find your own story in the huge online library of the National Library.

The National Library collects and takes care of everything published for the Norwegian public. The entire collection of books, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, films, posters, sound recordings and much more is kept safe inside three huge mountain halls in Mo i Rana.

Over thirty years, we have built up a high-tech digitization center that is unique in the world. Altogether, 580 people work at the National Library, of which around 330 work in Rana.







Everything digitized from the National Library’s collection is posted as digital files on the online library at Here you can search and find the most wonderful things in the digitized publications.

Take a look at the online library here.

One of the stories you can find traces of in the online library is the one about Gunvor Galtung Haavik, who fooled the Norwegian authorities for almost 30 years. It was a love affair during the cold war, that led her straight into the arms of the KGB and into a life filled with lies and betrayal. We have told this story in our own house podcast Gamle Greier.

Hear the story of Gunvor Galtung Haavik in the podcast Old Stuff here.