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Photo: Kristoffer Møllevik / Visit Helgeland

Til Elise Fra Marius

At the farm Utskarpen by the Helgeland coast, Elise and Marius welcomes you to enjoy tasty food experiences, unique celebrations, weddings or company meetings. They believe in bringing the dining experience to where the ingredients grow, and not the other way around.

You are welcome to spend the night in of their pleasant rooms, idyllically located between fjords and mountains. In the summer time it is also possible to book The barn for gatherings and celebrations.

Photo: Mama Rosa

Mama Rosa

A local pizzeria and bistro located in Gruben. They use the fraze “the taste of home, Mama Rosa!”.
In a cozy decorated restaurant, with good food Mama Rosa is an excellent choice in Gruben.


Photo: Tanja's The View

Tanja’s The View

Have something for everyone on their menu, salad and soups, but are probably most famous for their fantastic sushi. Every Tuesday they have sushi buffet!


Photo: Burgasm


For the guests looking for a one-of-a-kind gourmet burger, our literally over the top milkshakes or our curly or naughty fries. All at a reasonable price in a friendly, casual environment. Our enthusiastic chef Joshua will be taking you on a mouth watering journey across the world. You are welcome to visit Burgasm at the ground floor Amfi.


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Choose between their 40 alternatives, eat there or take it home and enjoy!



At Napoli they have something for everyone, with pizza, kebab, pasta and tikka on the menu.

Tanja’s Kitchen

Sushi o’ clock!
Located in the shopping mall Mosenteret, you could either enjoy your meal there in the intimate space decorated with vintage furniture or you could take your, sushi, spring rolls or a wrap home to enjoy.

Photo: Stenneset


Stenneset primarly takes bookings in advance for larger groups, both during the day and in the evening. They are open during the summer season, and often have “evenings” where they open the restaurant to everyone. Stenneset will be a place to eat where the joy of good tasting experiences is combined with good service and the experience of being in a house where history and culture are embedded in the walls.

The food served here should never be indifferent, and are prepared with generosity and consideration. The interaction between food and drink is given great importance, and the importance of the drink for the overall experience will always be one of their main focuses.

Fregatten Ytteren

A 2nd generation family business that has run a restaurant in Holmen Vest center since 1995. Here they have 80 seats and outdoor seating in the summer, fjord views, free parking and we are handicap friendly. Their concept is an informal and family-friendly dining area. Their best sellers are pizza, kebabs and burgers. They also serve other meat dishes, small dishes and snacks.

On the 2nd floor, they have a room with space for 40-45 guests, which can be rented for, among other things, children’s birthdays, memorial services, courses and company evenings. This room is equipped with a projector, flipchart, sound system, bar, toilet and veranda.

A group of people toasting their wineglasses with food on the table
Photo: Espen Mills / Visit Helgeland

Osteria Kreo

With a focus on fresh ingredients and traditions deeply rooted in Italian and French cuisine, Kreo offers a diverse menu that also has elements of international taste experiences.

Restaurant Kreo is passionate about food, and stands out from the city’s many pasta and pizza restaurants with its diversity. Their employees have backgrounds from five different countries, and the freedom to be inspired by their very different roots in food traditions is a fundamental focus area at Kreo.

Photo: Espen Mills / Visit Helgeland

Meyergården restaurant

In the restaurant of the honorable Meyergården hotel, you can enjoy a good lunch or a nice dinner, or maybe just a drink in the bar or outside in the summer.


Spiseriet, directly translates to “Eatery”. Her you can enjoy a hamburger, pizza, kebab, wrap or salad there, or take it home! They are also known for their delicious milkshakes!

Gyda sports bar and kitchen

At Gyda sports bar and kitchen you can watch sports, drink beer (or a milkshake) and eat classic sports bar food!

Photo: No3


With fresh and local ingredients, they want to give their guests a genuine dining experience and a pleasant visit in traditional surroundings.

They are a Nordic charcoal grill restaurant, with a strong focus on quality and service. They make almost everything from scratch, both in the kitchen and in the bar, and they have seasonal menus to be able to offer some of the best ingredients they have available. This should give you the best that Helgeland and the Nordic region have to offer.



The restaurant is conveniently located in Jernbanegata 4 in the center of Mo i Rana. Here they serve our customers food based on traditions from Turkey, Italy and Mexico such as à la carte, hamburgers, kebabs and pizza.

They focus on making high-quality food with fresh ingredients and good hygiene practices. At Milano, they prepare several of their dishes in a modern charcoal grill, which puts the finishing touch on the dining experience.


Enjoy pizza, burger og kebab in the city centre! You could even get a night snack at this convenient placed restaurant.

Bimbo Veikro

As Mo i Ranas only roadside inn, the restaurant offer a various menu but of course offers traditional Norwegian food as a part of its menu.