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Rana volunteer central

Rana volunteer central has a lot of different volunteering options, check them out here!

The logo of Rana Frivilligsentral
Photo: Rana Frivilligsentral

Activity friend for people with dementia

Activity friend is doing something you like together with someone who has dementia. When someone gets dementia, they may find that certain activities can become more difficult to do alone. An activity friend makes it easier to get out and experience things they value.

Photo: Rana frivilligsentral

Home-Start Family contact

An offer of support for families with young children who are going through a challenging period in their lives. The offer is based on the voluntary efforts of volunteers who have the time and money to help. The family must themselves want help, and at least one of the children must be of pre-school age. The aim is to prevent crises, support the family in what it can do, and relieve the burden according to the individual family’s needs.


A service for anyone who needs to be accompanied, for example to a doctor or hospital. The service recipient/assistance device must arrange transport and cover expenses themselves. The volunteer is there as support, security.

Volunteers patrolling the streets of Oslo at night, wearing yellow vests with their logo, a black raven, on their back


Natteravn or night raven, is about being present for children and young people when they are out in the evening and at night, taking responsibility and showing humane care. When adults are present where young people travel, it has a preventive effect and dampens unwanted incidents.

Travel companion

Is a service provided for everyone who has a need for companionship while traveling to hopsitals in other cities.

Man plowing snow in winter in his driveway, with trees and houses in the background
Photo: Rana Frivilligsentral

Do a favor

Help someone by mowing their lawn or shoveling their driveway for snow!