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Always moving, on the search for something better

On the boarder of the arctic circle, sheltered by Svartisen, at the mouth of Ranfjorden, you’ll find the city with extraordinary visions. Built by people who actually dared to dream big, who dared to say it out loud and that rolled up their sleeves.

The result is that Mo i Rana today is a safe place to live, an exciting place to work and a nice place to live. But that does not mean that Mo i Rana can’t be even better. If it is possible to improve or develop something, we jump in with great passion. That is a part of our culture. That is a part of our DNA.

We don’t think that the grass is greener on the other side, here we think that the grass is greener tomorrow. That is what makes Mo i Rana, Mo i Rana. The culture. The people. Not our fantastic nature, or that the industrial park is centered in our city centre. But the people. We who sow before we harvest and who knows that what we put in today, gains us tomorrow.

We would never stop improving. Because we are always moving, on the search for something better.

And you are welcome to join us on this journey.


Photo by Emilie Solbakken / Visit Helgeland

This picture might look like trash to you. But for us, this is a recognition of all the things we do, all the things we learned on the way. This mountain of trash, scrap metal, gets a new life here. Every week we recycle more than two Eiffel towers of steel, from this pile. So, it isn’t trash. It is seeing opportunities where we used to see problems. So just like this scrap metal, we are rediscovering ourselves. Everyday. That is our culture, that is our DNA.