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Expats in Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana is international!

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Mo i Rana has been through many transitions throughout the history. As a result, the city has continuously been developing new communities and industries. Initially, most of the migrants came from other places in Norway and Scandinavian countries. However in the last years, Mo i Rana has witnessed a continuous arrival of international migrants moving for a job purpose.

As a consequences of it, the MINT community was established in Mo i Rana in 2021. MINT is short for “Mo i Rana international” and it is an initiative to accelerate the internationalization of the city and create community around it. MINT is a network for creating initiatives with the local community that aims to facilitate information and social gathering for our newcomers. It is also a space where both newcomers and locals can meet and create social connections. Additionally, MINT provides information for non-Norwegian speaking to guide them in their relocation and living journey.

Mo i Rana is a city under development and growth, MINT was recently initialized and is growing and working parallel with the growth of our international community. We already have different actors within the service industry, such as the local cafés, brasseries, restaurants and bars that are working together in the internationalization of the city.

Moving to Mo i Rana will most certainly be a new experience, no matter where you move from or how many different experiences you have with moving to new places. If you want to stay updated on the internationalization projects going on, international social events, or simply have a place to ask questions and make new relations, follow the MINT Facebook page or simply take contact with the project leader: David Aleksander Bjørsvik.

No matter if you are a newcomer or a local, you are welcome to follow and take part in the MINT activities. Because the most important for the sustainability of our community, is to ensure a good dialogue and that new people can meet local people. Go check out the MINT-Mo i Rana International page and pay attention to what’s going on!