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Looking for something to do in your spare time? Check out these activities!

BirdLife Rana

BirdLife Norge er en frivillig naturvernorganisasjon med hovedvekt på fugler og fuglevern. Organisasjonen ble stiftet i 1957, og het Norsk Ornitologisk Forening (NOF) frem til 2021. En viktig del av vårt arbeid er å være bindeledd mellom fugleinteresserte over hele landet. Arbeid med bevaring av fugleartene og deres leveområder er helt sentralt i foreningens arbeid. BirdLife Norge står for en linje hvor vi gjennom dokumentasjon av faktiske forhold forsøker å påvirke utviklingen til fuglenes beste.

Climbing club Rana

Klatreklubben Rana was established in 1993 and has about 200 members. Vi offer climbing inside the gym at Polarsirkelen high school in Mjølan on tuesdays and thursdays. Everybody is welcome no matter their age. Check out our website or Facebook group “klatrere i Ranaområdet” for further info.

Kraft dance studio

Kraft Dansestudio is a private dance school that offers dance as a leisure activity aged 3 years and up to pensioners. We also offer Yoga, and training for mothers with children from 6 weeks up to 1 year. We also offer activities for people with disabilities.

Rana Bowlingklubb

Rana Bowlingklubb is a klubb fore people ho wanna play, train and get better inn bowling, together with other people.
The club have are playing in the national league system and have 1 team in the 1 divisjon and 1 team in 3 divisjon. The members also travel around and play tournaments.

We are located at TP Bowlingsenter.

Rana Kormakeri

We are a mixed choir who sing with the purpose of entertaining the audience, as well as promote and develop the genre as an important contribution to the cultural life of Mo I Rana. As well as being a meaningful hobby, the choir aims to give each member of the choir an opportunity to develop as an singer. By September 2022 the choir has 54 active members. ​

Each year we have a spring concert and a Christmas concert. ​

If you want to sing with us, contact us on email

Rana Makerspace

We are a makerspace for all types of creative souls, located in Apotekergården in the middle of Mo in Rana. In our workshop Kreatoriet, we have basic equipment for metal and woodworking, 3d printers, cnc machines and an electronics lab. To see examples our projects, you can check out the blog on our website But the biggest resource we can offer is an environment with a unique collection of skills within most creative and technical disciplines. Our members are interested in everything from woodworking, painting miniature figures and sewing, to music, computer programming, 3D printing and production of machines and electrical gadgets. We have open day on Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm.

Selfors youth organization

In Selfors youth organization we offer a wide variety of sports for kids and youths, and in selfors we stay young a long time!

We offer activity in the following groups:

  • Fotball, from 6 years to old boys
  • Handball
  • Basket
  • Ski
  • Gymnastics
  • All-sports and childrens sports
  • E-sport

The Hauknes Choir

The Hauknes Choir is a mixed and inclusive choir of ages currenty ranging from 30 to 80, established in 1978. We are led by our wonderful conductor Darya (Dasha) Katyba, who is also a professional singer. At the end of January we arrange our New Year’s concert, each year with a different theme. Throughout the year we do several smaller performances on events, alone or as a background choir for artists and bands. We are not in love with one single genre, but enjoy singing a varied repertoir including up-beat pop songs, classical works and everything in between.

We practice every Tuesday 18-21, and are always open to new members! The only requirement is that you like to sing 🙂 If you are interested to join us or want to try it out, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dasha (+47 47 34 15 33) or our leader Roger Sjøberg (+47 90 56 26 16).

Tip Toe Dance School

Tip Toe Dance School offers dance classes in all ages from 3 years old to adults.
We have a large selection of dance styles: Ballet, Pointe work, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip hop, Show-jazz, Children’s dance, Funky Kidz and more.
In addition, we offer classes in Kundalini Yoga and Thai Chi.
Also we can offer private lessons.
Classes are taught in our modern dance studios in Kirkegata 8 in the heart of the town.
Once a year (November) we arrange a big Christmas-show where all our students/dancers are participating. This is a big event where our students are performing/dancing with professional light and scene-equipment. The performance finds place in the biggest Theatre in town called Kinoteatret.

Tip Toe Dance School has long experience as we were established as far back as in 1987 by dancer, dance teacher and choreographer Sissel Venes. A lot of our students has during the years at Tip Toe Dance School developed their dancing-skills so well that they have been taken up on the prestigious Oslo National Academy of the Art, Dance Education, – and our renown is widely known.
That said, our main goal is not only to provide brilliant teaching but as important is good and safe atmosphere, well-being, having fun and thrive.
You are welcome to join us in the most welcoming environment!


Wind band with a different profile. We play music that differ from traditional wind- and marching bands. We produce concerts and shows on a regular basis. Everybody who play an instrument is welcome to join us, regardless of skills and former experience.

Yoga Biret Studio

Welcome to the YogaBiret studio, where your tree blossoms.​

At Yogabiret studio, we are concerned with the human being as a whole. Where breath, mind and body unite equally to give the experience of being whole as a human being. Here you can let your whole self blossom. We teach ashtanga yoga, yin/yang yoga, Deva yoga, gentle yoga and much more! Not least our specialty: yoga spa.​

You will find us at Koksverksgata 1 in Vika. Free parking.