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Mo i Rana

In a place where “yes” is the mindset, and innovation is an everyday activity, we love making things happen and meeting new people. Welcome to Mo i Rana, the place of opportunities!

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Why you should move to Mo i Rana – according to Chat GPT




Puppy course

Location: Blåfjell Hundesenter - Kurs- og kompetansesenter

Puppy course

Are you new to owning a puppy and have need for guidance with your new familiy member? Then this course is for you!

Free movie screening

Location: Rana bibliotek

On occasion of the Sami National Day on February the 6th, Rana library invites you to a free movie screening of the documentary “Joikefeber” from 2014.

The movie portays a young girls attempt at approaching her Sami identity through joik. The documentary is charming, etartaining and informative about the Sami traditions around joik.

The movie will be shown in the librarys second story, from 14.00 – 15.00.

Concert: Stein Torleif Bjella

Location: Teatercafeen, Nordland theatre

Experience the amazing artist and storyteller Stein Torleif Bjella in concert!

Stein Torleif Bjella is a Norwegian musician and lyricist from Ål in Hallingdal who depicts the story of rural Norway with humor and melancholy.

Street art

We interviewed artists from Chile, Bergen and a local talent who came together to create beautiful street art.

Information hub

A resource center for information about public services, and knowledge about the system in Norway. Do you need help? Come to The Information Hub!

Call: +47 75 19 49 49

Photo: Emilie Solbakken / Visit Helgeland

Mo i Rana 2030

Our municipal plan has goals and strategies that will ensure future welfare and sustainability, and Mo i Rana must appear attractive to residents, new residents, businesses and visitors. Growth is an important headline in our municipality until 2030. What effects will a new industrial establishment and a new airport have on residents, society and sustainability until 2030? How do we create welfare towards 2030?

As mayor, I believe that welfare and sustainability are a joint task. Important strategies are innovation and co-creation. Together with businesses, volunteers and residents, the municipality must find future solutions to service and social challenges. Together, we will include new residents and create a united community.

Mayor, Geir Waage


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